EASYDAB is a branding that data repositories can use to highlight carefully curated Earth System Science (ESS) data publications.  
Repositories can participate in EASYDAB under the following conditions:

  • the protected EASYDAB logo can only be used by repositories that signed a contract with the Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB).
  • by signing the contract with the TIB, the repository agrees to comply with the EASYDAB guideline.
  • the registration for the use of EASYDAB is free of charge. 
  • the repository must declare an EASYDAB-compliant metadata standard against which they curate the data.

The EASYDAB guideline defines the general requirements for FAIR and open ESS dataset publications while the detailed specifications to implement the EASYDAB guideline must be formulated in domain-specific metadata standards. The TIB has the authority to approve if a domain-specific metadata standard complies with the EASYDAB guideline. The ATMODAT standard , a metadata standard specifically designed for a FAIR publication of atmospheric model data, is the first standard that was approved for EASYDAB by TIB. 

The EASYDAB logo placed on the landing page of a data publication indicates that the published data

  • have an open license and comply with the FAIR Data Principles ,
  • have been checked by the repository against an EASYDAB-approved metadata standard.