Earth System Data Branding (EASYDAB)

With EASYDAB it is easily visible which data has a high maturity and complies to a high quality discipline-specific standard.

Data maturity describes the degree of the formalization/standardisation of a data object with respect to the FAIR principles and quality of the (meta-) data. Therefore, a high (meta-) data maturity increases the potential for reuse.


Learn more about the EASYDAB service and the standard AtMoDat uses.

Why is it interesting for you?

You produce data and put a lot of effort into making your data reusable OR you work at a repository or data provider and want to attract more data users OR you require data and struggle to find data sets which are easily usable?

Our aim is to help you overcome these obstacles! Our vision is to increase the maturity of earth system data!

Find out more about how you might benefit from EASYDAB service by choosing the role that best applies to you:

data producer



data user

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We are currently implementing the EASYDAB service at the German Climate Computing Center as a pilot project. With the definition of the ATMODAT standard, the foundation stone has been laid to make the EASYDAB service available to other repositories, and we are close to achieving our goal: to make EASYDAB available to as many earth system model data repositories as possible!

If you interested in the EASYDAB service, please e-mail:

We are looking forward to your feedback and we are happy to notify you about future developements!