The EArth SYstem DAta Branding (EASYDAB)

EASYDAB is a quality seal for FAIR and open Earth System Science data


The aim of EASYDAB is to facilitate the findability and reuse of quality-assured research data in repositories.
The EASYDAB logo indicates that the data


  • have an open license,
  • are published with DataCite DOI
  • conform to the FAIR Data Principles, and
  • have been checked by the data repository for compliance with an approved metadata standard.

The EASYDAB guideline v1 defines the conditions for the use of EASYDAB.
The ATMODAT standard v3.0 is the first metadata standard approved for EASYDAB. It was developed specifically for the publication of atmospheric model data. Repositories may use other metadata standards provided they achieve comparable FAIRness of the published data.
Any repository that archives geoscience data can participate in EASYDAB branding. To do so, the repository must sign a contract with the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB).

Data publications that have been checked for compliance with the EASYDAB policy can be marked with the EASYDAB logo on the landing page.
The EASYDAB logo allows repositories to highlight that the archived data has been carefully curated. The EASYDAB logo makes it easier for data users to recognise quality-controlled data.
EASYDAB data publications stand out from others, making them more attractive to download, use and cite.
If you would like to know more about EASYDAB, please email .


EASYDAB is a framework that allows repositories to highlight carefully curated Earth System Science Data.

Terms and Conditions

Data repositories can award data publications with the EASYDAB logo, provided they contractually agreed to comply to the EASYDAB guideline.

ATMODAT Standard

A metadata standard to improve the FAIRness of atmospheric model data.