EASYDAB, the new Earth System Data Branding

To support data-driven Earth System Sciences (ESS) research, we need to ensure that ESS data can be easily found, accessed and that they are understood by humans as well as by machines.

EASYDAB is a quality seal that has been established to award and highlight carefully curated Earth System Science data. The EASYDAB logo indicates that the data have an open license, meet the FAIR Data Principles and have been checked by the data repository for compliance with a discipline-specific quality standard.

The ATMODAT standard is used as default for atmospheric model data. Repositories can fall back to other quality standards as long as they achieve a comparable matureness of the published data. Data or dataset collections with an EASYDAB label are always linked to a DataCite DOI, and are earmarked with the EASYDAB logo on the landing page.

EASYDAB datasets will stand out from others, making them more attractive to download, use and cite.

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We are currently implementing EASYDAB at the repository of the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ) as a pilot project. In the future, we seek to make EASYDAB available to as many Earth System Science data repositories as possible!

If you interested in the EASYDAB, please e-mail: contact@easydab.de